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X9-2 Multifunctional Hot Melt Machine

Product number:948621733697249280

X9-2 Multifunctional Hot Melt Machine

  • product description
  • PVC.TPU multifunctional hot melt machine

    1. There is a super wide hot seam space, which is more suitable for the processing of products such as medium, large and super large tents, car covers, rubber boats, outdoor camp screens, hot air boats and so on.

    2. Using microcomputer control, high-definition display operation. The program can be modified at any time according to user needs.

    3. Automatic temperature control, high stability, temperature fluctuation ±2℃, temperature upper limit alarm design, protect heating wire.

    4. The dual-pedal control program is designed according to human mechanics, which is comfortable to operate, not easy to fatigue, and is suitable for long-term operation.

    5. Can work continuously for 24 hours, high efficiency production.

    6. Unique heating tube structure, the inlet air is filtered, and there is absolutely no moisture and oil.

    7. Automatic slight ejection to eliminate heat sealing blanks.

    8. Double stepping motor control, super powerful torque power design.

    Jiangmen Weixing launched X9-2 advanced touch screen multifunctional hot melt machine

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