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WX-210 (ie WX-6) hot air glue machine

Product number:948621753712467968

Sewing skip leakage prevention There are available adjustments between the hot air pipe and the roller start and the roller stop and the hot air pipe swing to prevent the leakage of the seal

  • product description
  • WX-210 (ie WX-6) hot air glue machine

    Power consumption: AC 220 volts, 50 Hz, about 1800 watts
    Speed 205-20 meters/stepless variable speed
    Compressed air 50psi minimum
    Lifting distance of the upper wheel 30 mm
    Roller height 150 mm
    Blowable tape width Standard type 14mm-22mm, other types can be freely selected
    Hot air pipe power 1700 watts special heating element
    The width of the upper pressing wheel is 25.4mm standard, smooth, others can be chosen freely, such as net grain.
    Thermal console steplessly adjustable to 700℃
    Body size: width 550 mm, length 1400 mm, height 1690 mm
    Stitching to prevent leakage
    Weight 135 kg


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