Water pressure testing machine

Water pressure testing machine


Water pressure testing machine

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Automatic water test press

==Product Features==

This machine mainly tests the waterproof performance of waterproof clothing. It is easy to carry and can be used anywhere.


==Scope of Application==

Suitable for tents, raincoats, down jackets, ski suits, mountaineering suits, wetsuits, sailing suits, PVC/PU/PE/PA coated fabrics, snow boots, advertising balloons, gloves, firefighting clothing, police uniforms, army field uniforms, Water pressure resistance test of various fabrics and clothing for special uniforms and cross positions and straight positions.


==Technical parameters==

Type: Platform

Power consumption: 220V AC 50 Hz

Pressure plate diameter: 95 mm

Pressure range: 0-10000mmH2O

Net weight: 12 kg

Body size <W×L×H>: length 250 mm, width 400 mm, height 400 mm

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